Special Educational Needs

There are six awards, suitable for children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities). They are set with small, progressive, and achievable outcomes to enable a child to be comfortable going to the pool and learning to swim and to be safe in the water (including water safety awareness). Being mindful and reducing anxiety can be aided with the use of SwimPix.

Foundation Pack

Foundation PackCoversSwim England School Swimming Foundation (SEND) AwardsMost suitable forSEND Schools and Level 2 Swimming Teachers of School Swimmi...

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Communication Set

Communication SetCoversThe SwimPix Communication Set helps support dialogue and instruction between the teacher and swimmer, especially for children w...

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Communication minis

Communication minis Launched in March 2024, they feature the same familiar and user friendly SwimPix images covering Communication Skills. Communicati...

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Demonstration Doll

Demonstration Doll440mm x 50mm fully extendedCan be used in and out of the pool to support SwimPix cardsMost suitable forSwimming teachers to support ...

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