Teacher Set and Communication Set Bundle

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NEW “Grab & Go” Teacher Set & Communication Set Bundle

Teacher Set

Suitable for any swimming teacher in a variety of setting, creating faster learning and effective communication. SwimPix gives a clear picture of a skills or stroke, suitable for all learners but especially helpful for those with learning challenges, anxiety, hearing impairment or where English is a second language, enhancing an inclusive lesson.


The Teacher Set will enable swimming teachers to have their own set and take to venues they teach at, easily transportable in their swimming bags. The Teacher Set has images from learning to swim to advanced skills that are difficult to demonstrate such as a surface dive.  Also perfect for trainee swimming teachers to help with non-verbal communication with swimmers.


We are really excited about our new Teacher Set enabling SwimPix to support all swimming teachers and more importantly our swimmers.

Teacher Set Includes:

48 x SwimPix (back-to-back on 24 cards)  

2 x Index  (back-to-back on 1 card) 

2 x Storage sleeves - two different colours per set (colours will vary) 

Set comes with 2 handy waterproof sleeves to keep the ones you are using in and the others safe

INDEX (Blue Side)

enter the pool using steps / swivel entry into the pool

play a game / play a group game

wash your face / shower

blow bubbles / tuck float

stand up from front / stand up from back

star float on front / star float on back

pencil float on front / pencil float on back

push and glide on front / push and glide on back

float, rotate onto front / float, rotate onto back
log roll back to front / log roll front to back

move/travel forwards / move/travel backwards

travel forwards / travel backwards

INDEX (Red Side)

jump into the pool / dive into the pool

travel 5m, tuck and return / travel on front onto back

front crawl with breathing / backstroke with breathing

breaststroke with breathing / butterfly with breathing

sink, push off onto front / sink, push off onto back

sink, push off, kick on back / sink, push off, kick on front

pick up sinker (hoop) / pick up sinker (stick)

handstand / forward somersault

head first surface dive / feet first surface dive

head first sculling / feet first sculling

tread water / eggbeater

climb out / exit the pool using steps

Supporting Resources
• 'Break it Down' Book - Swim England School Swimming and Water Safety Charter
• Demonstration Doll
• Storyboards


Communication Set
The SwimPix Communication Set helps support dialogue and instruction between the teacher and swimmer, especially for children with communication challenges.

Most suitable for
SEND Schools and Level 2 Swimming Teachers of School Swimming
Ideal for schools or Leisure Centres providing school swimming with some SEND pupils.

Communication Set Includes:

• 12 x SwimPix 

• 1 x Storage sleeves (colours will vary) 

• Set comes in handy waterproof sleeve

Supporting Resources
• 'Break it Down' Book - Swim England School Swimming and Water Safety Charter
• Demonstration Doll
• Storyboards

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